Saturday, September 20, 2008

Small Joys in Office Life

In my two weeks as a working professional (and I use both those terms loosely), I've quickly discovered that, to maintain shreds of individuality and bits of soul, one needs to find and embrace small joys that, however petty or absurd, keep one of your feet planted firmly somewhere other than the ground.

The Snap Crackle Pedometer might fall into this category.

To be sure, the swelling sense of chest-thumping pride that comes from writing a flawless memo, or the feeling of indomitability that grows out of scheduling a crucial meeting into an already jam-packed day, or the blind, delighted surprise of getting through another day without being fired-- all of these things bring joy to office life.

But sometimes one longs for something more.

This week, I discovered something new that helps make every day a winning day at the office. I discovered collar stays-- and I love them. Pausing while drafting an e-mail to a colleague sitting less than fifty feet away from me, putting my hand to the collar of my shirt, and feeling the starched stiff formality of a pointed collar, I'm momentarily relieved of the monotony of office life, and removed to a thrilling, secret world of self-satisfaction.

This, I suppose, is part of the larger office joy of, simply, looking good and dressing well. Being able to take business casual, and turn it into something that deserves the attention of the Sartorialist-- this is part of what makes my days worthwhile.

As Robert Pante told us: "If you look good and dress well, you don't need a purpose in life."


Blogger Matthew said...

great shirts, usually absurd sales, and BRASS COLLAR STAYS!!!

You'll fall in love.

22/9/08 10:25 AM  
Blogger LaurenS said...

Don't think that this post absolves you of your wardrobe selections at our Bronxville lunch. I will not mention the shoe brand by name, but it has forever been scorched in my memory, and I dare say Sart would not be pleased.

22/9/08 3:37 PM  

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