Sunday, September 14, 2008

Put it on ice

La Hacienda FC fought to a tie today: a good start to the season that holds great promise. Our team is led by a squadron of Andover cluster soccer all-stars, and we've brought in a crack bunch of ringers to round the team out. Once we get in our groove, we'll be unstoppable.

If you happen to live in the Columbia Heights area, and you don't read New Columbia Heights, you should. More importantly, though, you probably haven't heard about the sidewalk salesmen who will make you a shaved ice treat for only one dollar. Particularly on a day like today, when it's a hundred goddamn degrees outside, these creations are really refreshing. They'll give you a huge pile of shaved ice in a chinese food take-out container, and they don't skimp on the flavor syrup, either. Plus, it's for a good cause-- to benefit a local charter school. Go see them on the corner of 14th and Irving!

Post-consumption issue: colored tongues.


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