Monday, August 04, 2008

Day One: Didn't Get Murdered

I write to report on a first successful day, and to publish a few questions that were debated throughout the day:
  • Is Lake Erie properly categorized as a lake? Ought it be re-classified as the fifth ocean?
  • Tollbooth operator: cushy government gig, or among the worst jobs in America?
  • If he's winning all the battles (and he is), why is Barack only barely winning the war?
  • Why do halls of fame (Basketball, Boxing, Rock 'n' Roll...) seem to congregate around Interstate 80?
Feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts via comment.

The day concluded with a night (as days tend to do) at the home of Jesse, where we successfully avoided being axe-murdered, despite staying with a complete stranger we found on the dubious social network "". Jesse works taking pictures at nightclubs, plays several musical instruments, has a girlfriend who likes to travel, has never been west of Chicago, and is on a spiritual quest. Swell dude.

As for tonight... Objective: Sleep in Omaha. Prescription: More driving, More couch surfing (this time with a bevy of blonde college girls and their seven cats). Prognosis: Wild, wild success.


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