Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Of Parks, Debates and Ghosts

Sorry for the radio silence-- Slev and I have moved into our new apartment, and are presently without any of the internets in our home. Not a single one. We do, however, have two working fireplaces in our apartment. How cool is that? We're on University Place, a relatively quiet block in lower Columbia Heights. Send us a letter.

Good news: Our new place is nice, and superbly located.
Bad news: We have ghosts.
Good news: Very realistic Halloween party planned. Details to follow.

Exploring my neighborhood on Sunday, I made a terrific discovery (maybe discovery is the wrong word... It's a huge park around the corner from our place). Meridian Hill Park has a very New York feel. It's an elegantly landscaped park, with fountains and waterfalls, and it's packed with stately statues. On Sunday afternoons, if the weather's fine, people from the diverse communities surrounding the park come together, primarily around a drum circle that lays a funky afro-latin beat. A few photos of the gathering are below.

Regarding last night's presidential debate, I have very little to add beyond what the mainstream media (and mainstream bloggers) are saying. Obama was very steady, McCain less so, and Barack only solidified his commanding lead. At this point, something very weird will have to happen for Obama to lose. I'm anticipating a landslide. Check out my Daily Roundup for good links to debate commentary, plus thinly veiled commentary of my own.


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