Saturday, October 11, 2008

I <3 teh internets

One of the really great things about the internet (as has been discovered by countless pedophiles and Nigerian spammers the world over) is that nobody knows who you really are! I've lately been receiving email from Stanislas Dupont, who, I think, believes I am his younger brother Samuel Dupont. Last week, I was inundated with photos of Stanislas' family, and today I was invited to a "réunion tupperware":
Eh oui, le congé maternité amène à beaucoup de choses... J'organise une réunion tupperware le jeudi 23 octobre à la maison (14h à 16h30). Si ça vous peux vous faire parvenir un catalogue.
Je vous souhaite un très bon week-end, le soleil sur Omissy a dû mal à percer ! j'espère qu'il va arriver...
A bientôt et gros bisous
If anybody out there can draft a brief, polite note, telling Stan that he's got the wrong guy, but that his children are adorable, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Whether I'd actually send it to him is another question. I secretly love being able to observe his family from afar...


Anonymous your crabby aunt jessica said...

Cher ami,
J'aime le Tupperware, et votre famille et tres beau (et tres grande aussi) mais, je suis desole de vous dire que je ne suis pas votre frere.
J'espere que votre vie sera longue et beau.
Sammy, from duPont Branch #56

(Sam, if this doesn't put a stop to the harassment, nothing will.)

14/10/08 1:12 AM  

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