Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The God Vote

Sarah Palin is confident that "God will do the right thing on election day." Unfortunately for her, God is registered to vote in San Francisco, and California is already in the bag for Obama.

One all-knowing, all-powerful deity, one vote-- that's the rule. This is democracy.

(In writing this post, I encountered a question that I'm not sure I answered perfectly: If you were God, where would you live? In an apartment overlooking San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate? In a mountain lodge outside Aspen? In Hastings-on-Hudson? Weigh in via comment.)


Blogger Matt said...

On my way to class today I noticed God early-voting here in North Carolina, land of the long leaf pine, the summer land where the sun doth shine, where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great,
Here's to "Down Home," the Old North State!

23/10/08 12:27 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

The answer is so obvious...he clearly lives in Alaska, at the top of Mt. McKinley - we're "one nation under God," right? I mean, this is just simple logic here

29/10/08 4:45 PM  

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