Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barackman v. McPenguin

McCain is losing so badly right now (538 is calculating a 96% chance that Obama wins the election), that the odds are up for the Republican candidate to do something dramatic (and dramatically stupid). As such, tonight's debate has the potential to not be incredibly boring-- we might get some fireworks. Obama, of course, will be steady and even-keeled-- which is exactly what Americans want to see right now-- but old Johnny may make some dramatic attempt to gain back lost ground tonight.

The Penguin may have a model for McCain here.

Isn't that wild? McCain has clearly been taking cues from the Penguin-- promising no more mudslinging immediately before mudslinging, playing up his opponent's associations with shady figures to frighten the electorate, completely alienating the public with wrongheaded strategy... The only real difference here is that the Penguin is more animated and fun to watch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWESOME footage!

16/10/08 1:48 AM  

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