Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Points of Disapperance

Yesterday morning, I woke up and blew my nose. To nobody's surprise, it came out black. Fortunately, it cleared up a bit in the afternoon, and today it even improved to a "pretty good" day after a few "oh my god" days. Still, if there is one thing I won't miss from this city, it's the air. Whoo.

Pictured here is an attempt to show you just how thick the air is with soot and ash.

Today, while walking through the middle of Beida campus, I passed a van, trunk open, with people crowded around. I assumed correctly that this was some shady operation, as is the norm when doing business out of vans. Upon getting a closer look, I discovered that some scam artist was selling not handbags, or watches, or even puppies, but bootlegged textbooks to students on a budget. Only in China.


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