Monday, November 20, 2006

Climacteric Elements

A new column is available for your reading pleasure in today's Tufts Daily. But before you go a-clicking, allow me to preface: I was a little disappointed to note that, somehow, somewhere in the editing process, the first paragraph of my column got clipped off, like the leafy branch of a great, majestic elm tree. Unfortunately, this was a load-bearing branch. As an exclusive for those lucky few who read my columns online, the real first paragraph appears here:

I think I’ve fallen in love with noodle girl #0110. It’s not her palindromic ID number that’s so attractive, nor is it the teal apron she wears over her starched-white uniform. No, what turns me on is the way she doles out justice with every ladleful of Shanxi-style cut noodles.

Now continue reading it here.

Think on this one.


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