Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Outlaw

祝你万圣节快乐! Happy Halloween!

You can celebrate by reading the newest column in the Tufts Daily, here. It opens with some exciting news that I hesitate to publish in this forum. Enticed?

The weekend was rather mellow-- most of my fellow CIEE students took off for Pingyao, a city I visited in my travels last summer. So I stayed here, and enjoyed a restful and productive weekend on campus. Boring, huh? I took a bunch of pictures, though, and I'll publish my favorites here over the course of this week. Expect one a day, so be sure to come back regularly. Let the festival commence:
Every Saturday, there's a little flea market on Beida campus. They mostly sell books, and some desk supplies. I bought some hard to find 0.7mm lead for my mechanical pencils. Although I paid a delightfully Chinese price, it also turned out to be of woefully Chinese quality. Every three characters, it breaks, and I have to reclick my pencil. Darn. Pictured above is someone's hand with some books. Got it? I apologize for the annoying angle.


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