Sunday, October 01, 2006


In a few scant hours I will be on my way to Inner Mongolia (内蒙古, as they say around here), to spend the week free of classes and other burdensome activities. We've got a week off here in honor of National Day - 10/1 - and the mid-autumn festival which follows closely on its heels. Gentlemen, start your moon cakes.

The trip promises ample hilarity and adventure, with excursions planned to ride horses in the grassland, camels in the desert, and taxis in the city. Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, will be the base of operations, where I hope to visit Genghis Khan's mausoleum, among other attractions. Expect wild stories.

I've recently had a few highly coincidental run-ins here, which I will share, briefly. I left the subway station at Wudaokou, the nearest stop to Beida. On my way out, I passed a young gentleman wearing an orange MOXIE t-shirt. Ahh, Moxie, I thought, foul-tasting beverage favored by the hardy people of Maine... but wait.... I went back. "Are you Martin?" I asked. Indeed he was, Martin Connelly, friend of Corinne Fay and Kyle Thompson-Westra, and a fellow from Brunswick, Maine whom I had had the pleasure of meeting once before. Plans to meet again for mischief and monkey business have been put into motion.

I went to play frisbee today with the Beijing Ulimate club, and had a grand time, as before. While dining with some of my fellow players, post-practice, we discussed exciting new words we had learned in Chinese. Judy offered up the word for awkward: "Ganga." Nadim, another at the table, laughed. "That was the name of my high school mascot."

I confess I was initially scornful: honestly, who would have a mascot named Awkward. Then my cerebrum kicked into gear, and I realized that Gunga was, incidentally, also the name of my high school mascot. As it turned out, Nadim graduated two years ahead of me at Andover. Small world, seriously.

That's all for this week, I expect I'll be well out of the range of the internet whilst visiting Inner Mongolia. Keep an eye on The Tufts Daily for my column in Monday's paper. It's got a political slant this time around, which I hope won't bore too many people.


Blogger corinne said...

OH MAN!!!!!!!! YESS!!!!!!!!!

2/10/06 3:18 AM  
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