Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hey, Lady!

Hey, Lady! Wake up! There's a bus that needs driving! Yes, that's a Beijing bus driver, taking a nap at the wheel. Beijing traffic is just that bad. Still, a little on the disconcerting side of things.

Unrelatedly, I didn't mean for the tone of that last post to be so gloomy. I was just trying to explain what it's like to live in a really foreign place, and I meant it when I said 'There are parts of living here that I like, and parts I can do without.' Also, an attempt to illustrate my reasoning behind returning to Tufts for spring semester, which, yes, is really what I plan to do. I'm quite sure I'm making the right decision, and I'm looking forward to an extra semester in the ivory tower. There's a tinge of regret, too-- I sort of feel like I'm giving up by going home early-- but China will still be here later, and college, really, won't.

Keep an eye on The Tufts Daily for a hilarious column about the traffic situation in Beijing. It should be up in a few hours.


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You will probably enjoy Maciej Ceglowski, another expat living in China -- His latest post on Jane Goodall speaking in Beijing is pretty moving. "The Day That Nothing Happened" is another great essay.

Glad to hear you're coming back to Tufts for the spring.


22/10/06 10:43 PM  

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