Monday, September 25, 2006

As a Dog

Although she may not look it, pictured at right is a villain of the highest order. Take a good, long look, and know the face of evil.

That may be a bit overly harsh; she was actually one of the nicest ladies I can imagine meeting (although she was talking to the other customers about how bad my Chinese was... at least I understood that much?). Her crime, however, was cooking something that got me sick as hell for about 24 hours. What began as a docile-looking bowl of noodles, quickly turned into a vicious case of la duzi, and from there morphed into a long night of wild fever, sweating, shivering, hobbling to the bathroom, and some crazy dreams. I rode it out, lived to tell the tale, and was fine 24 hours post-noodle.

But that was Friday, and this is Tuesday (at least on this side of the world)! Not that I have much excitement to report. Last night I discovered the Beida campus coffee shop, where they serve instant coffee with "REAL MILK" and liquid, hazelnut flavored, sugar. It was godawful.

Also, Red Sky at Night has made its triumphant return to the Tufts Daily! I must say, having a triumph every week is really terrific. If you're into reading real copyrighted material (unlike the bogus crap at the bottom of this page) check it out here. Again, might look familiar. Fresh content coming next week.

Finally, I ought to put in a plug for the blog of Susannah Louise Nitz Gund, which chronicles her mischief and other fandangos in the Kingdom of Morocco. The posts are long, but they're wildly entertaining (quality AND quantity!), and truly fascinating. It's linked above, or click here


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