Monday, March 02, 2009

dP in Yo Heezy for Sheezy

In a bizarre out-of-body moment yesterday, I observed myself saying these things into the telephone while on the bus (this is my half of the conversation):

- Sup homie?
- Naw, I been in New York. I'm comin back to DC now.
- Oh word.
- Yeah, bbc fo real. Straight up.
- Oh hell yeah. Shit yeah dawg, I'm down.
- Aight, I'll holler atcha tomorrow.
- Peace, bro.

NB: These lines were delivered without a whisper of irony or self-mocking. I never really knew why nobody liked me. Now I think I know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

will you teach me to say those things? it will require a great deal of patience on your part but i will remember you in my will

26/3/09 10:14 PM  

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