Thursday, August 10, 2006

Still in the USA

The days are ticking away before my departure for Beijing. After a fun summer in DC, I'm home in New York now, packing and otherwise preparing myself for a long trip abroad. I'll be studying this fall at Beijing University, living in their foreign student complex, and hopefully having lots of adventures around the city that will be exciting enough to warrant publication here on the internet. The spring semester is a bit hazy right now, but it may well also be spent in Beijing, in which case I will keep this site up and running.

My hope is to update this blog daily with a photo du jour (今天的照片, in the local tongue), and hopefully several times per week with lengthier written posts. Additionally, I'm planning to apply for a weekly column in my hometown newspaper the Tufts Daily; with the blessing of the editorial department there, I'll be reprinting those articles here.

Be sure to bookmark this page, and come back often in the coming months. I promise to keep it free of boring content, and I can assure you, China promises to be replete with fun stories to tell.